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If you are reading this, you already know job searching is extremely competitive, especially at the top firms. Additionally, as companies turn to online video interviewing that is coupled with AI to help screen candidates, an already daunting task is even more challenging.


Our mission is to help you prepare for this challenge by offering a video interview platform that combines both human feedback from experienced industry professionals along with an assessment by our proprietary system (beta mode).  We want to democratize career opportunities by better preparing you for interviews.  


The process is easy. After creating an account, you receive a FREE INTERVIEW EVALUATION, which provides you insight on your strengths and weaknesses. Our video interview interface is similar to that used by top firms, so you can gain familiarity before your actual interview. 

Of course, most people want more practice. So we have an expanding portfolio of practice packages that currently includes fit-based questions tailored for consulting, general business roles, investment banking (IBD), and sales and trading (S&T). Specific details on practice packages are available after creating your account. 

Standing Meeting


Accenture, Bain, and BCG have started incorporating video interviewing into their hiring process.

Reaching a Deal

Investment Banking

Goldman Sachs started using video interviews in 2016, increasing the total number of interviewed applicants. 

Trading Floor

Sales and Trading

Video interviewing is a key part of recruiting at top banks like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and UBS,


Receive Interview Feedback

Each practice package contains five questions. After recording your responses to the practice questions, you will receive two forms of feedback. First, our proprietary model (beta mode) will assess your interview performance. Next, our experienced industry coaches will follow-up by providing you detailed feedback through our platform within 72 hours.

We offer a comprehensive perspective on your interview practice, by providing you feedback for each individual question that you answer as well as feedback on your overall interview performance.

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Question Specific

Each of your responses are assessed against criteria that interviewers routinely look for. By receiving specific feedback, you can focus on areas for improvement.

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Overall Performance

You will also receive feedback on your overall interview performance as well as a score. This score serves as your reference benchmark to help gauge your improvement as you prepare for your actual interview. 



Improve Interview Skills

Like many things in life, you can improve your interviewing skills by practicing. The best interviewers are good because they have amassed practice and real-life interview experience.


Sherpa Careers allows you to accelerate your interview learning curve through combining our understanding of technology, pscyhology, and deep industry experience to help you hone your interview skills. We desire to help you successfully achieve your career aspirations.  



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