Starting a Career in the Midst of Turbulence

The Harvard Business Review published an article about how new graduates can manage turbulence as they start their careers. It's probably a good article to read regardless of age or experience.

Of the many compelling points, two really resonated with us:

1) Though a career detour right after graduating, like a prolonged job search or a pulled job offer, can make a few months feel like an eternity, the reality is that careers are long and you're just starting. Use that time in your favor and think of the long-term by focusing on improving yourself.

Identity capital is your collection of personal assets. It is the skills and experiences and qualities that make you who you are…so far. The average young worker has eight jobs by the age of thirty. Your twenties, then, are less about finding that one-and-only “forever job” than they are about investing in yourself along the way.

2) Though it may seem difficult, don't put your life on hold until the crisis over. Be proactive and purposeful in taking steps to improve.

Your brain and your personality change more in your twenties than at any other time in adulthood. Whatever it is you want to change about yourself, now is the time to change it by building good habits. Yes, mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression and substance abuse, tend to emerge in one’s twenties (often in response to uncertainty). But they also tend to improve in one’s twenties — with effort.
Think of your life as a twentysomething as a plane just after takeoff. It’s a time when a small change in course can make a big difference in terms of where you end up. Yes, it is an up-in-the-air and turbulent time. But, if you figure out how to navigate, even a little bit at a time, you can get further, faster than at any other time in life.

Despite the career and life turbulence you may be feeling, it is still within your power to plant seeds for your future, so start sowing.

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