Preparing for a Virtual Internship

With COVID-19 related disruptions continuing, many companies have converted their traditional summer internships to virtual internships (e.g., Lyft and a number of financial firms). Of course, even having an internship in the current climate is a blessing, but a virtual internship also creates its own challenges.

To help companies successfully launch virtual internships, Fast Company published an article providing advice. For prospective interns, it is also a good read to understand what you should try to focus on when interning remotely

The article mentions that companies should:

1) Set clear expectations (so for an intern, you'll want to clarify expectations if they are not clear to you initially).

2) Integrate interns into communication channels

3) Offer mentorship and feedback (as an intern you should seek feedback, and not just at the end of the internship but at regular intervals so you can improve during the internship period).

4) Allow opportunities to connect, even if not in-person (as an intern you should try to seek to connect with members of the organization as well).

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