Practice: Advice to Ace an Online Interview

Even prior to the current pandemic, there was already a shift to online interviewing in various forms. This trend will only continue to grow more prevalent due to public health concerns, greater time efficiency, and decreased cost.

Earlier this summer, TED posted an article offering advice on how to succeed in an online interview. The article contains some very useful advice and we highly recommend reading the piece if you have an upcoming interview.

An important tip the article mentions focuses on the importance of practice:

Although it might feel awkward, it’s important for you to practice out loud, record yourself during your test run — and then watch it. This isn’t just to get comfortable with the technology and ensure that you can be seen and heard with ease, but also to prepare when things to go wrong. Because they will.

Though recording yourself is a great first step, such practice can be even more effective if you receive meaningful feedback. Through Sherpa Careers, you can receive feedback from two sources: our expert coaches and from our proprietary model that references many of the same factors companies use when screening interview responses.

To receive your free initial interview feedback, please sign-up here to start practicing.

Watch the below video to learn more about how Sherpa's interview training works:

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