Morgan Stanley Internship Recap

Though summer internships this year are very different, we wanted to post the experience of someone who interned for eight months last year at Morgan Stanley in a non-IBD, non-S&T role. We wanted to highlight her experience for a few different reasons.

1. We think it's helpful to gain industry insights by learning about other people's experiences.

2. If possible, it can be a great idea to structure multiple internships back to back with the same firm (maybe even the same team) so you're able to develop meaningful relationships with your team and do actual work. In some locations, it is possible to do an off-cycle internship followed by a summer internship, which would give you a lot of exposure and should increase your chances of a return offer if you are a solid performer.

3. The article also demonstrates that there are other roles at investment banks outside of IBD and S&T that could also provide a good experience depending on interests and background.

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