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Really like what you guys are trying to do with Sherpa Careers.


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I think this is honestly a great and very useful resource. 

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It change how people prepare for Job Interview. 

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How It Works

General Interview Skills Evaluation

Benchmark your interview skills through a simple self introduction.
One of our professional coaches will provide you feedback with actionable points of improvement. 



A.I. Overall Scoring 

A.I. will provide an overall score based on your speech content and face expression. ​Scoring will be considered as two part: cultural fits and delivery skills. It's still in beta, but we will explore it's potential even further in the future.

Value Feedback from ex-Bankers

You will be paired one-on-one with our expert ex-banker coaches. Not only have our coaches gone through a similar interview experience, they will also know the best advice for you, and some suggestions that you can work with.


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