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Intensive interview training course - tailored to you.

How it works:

General Interview Skills Evaluation

Benchmark your interview skills through a simple self introduction.
One of our professional coaches will provide you feedback with actionable points of improvement. 


Personalised Feedback from ex-Bankers

You will be paired one-on-one with our expert ex-banker coaches. Not only have our coaches gone through a similar interview experience, they will also know the best advice for you.

Behavioral Questions Training

Behavioral questions are often thought of as easy, but it's often here where candidates get screened out.

You will receive a package of 5 questions. The same coach will provide feedback to you and help you craft your message.

Technical Questions Training

You will receive a package of 5 technical questions.


Again, you will record yourself, and our coaches will provide feedback. We will provide standard reference responses to each of the questions.




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Self-planned Training Schedule

Expert Coach Feedback

Free 2-mins Evaluation

Charge Per Training Package



value: $149.99

Tailored Interview training plan

Expert Coach Individual Feedback

Tailored Behavioral Qs Training

Tailored Technical Qs Training

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